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Eniva Natural Power 100% Isolate Protein Powder is the perfect option that gives you fast fuel when you need it most. With only 4 ingredients, it is 99.9% lactose free, making it a great choice for people who need to avoid dairy. Its vanilla taste is superb, with a creamy, smooth texture that will have you coming back for more. 100% Isolate protein can be the nutritional component you've been looking for to take your exercise and wellbeing to a whole new level.

For more than two decades, Eniva Health has been the source people come to when they are looking for a better supplements solution. Eniva Health products offer a "Liquid Advantage" by delivering nutrients to the body in a liquid format that is easy to swallow, easy to absorb and easy for the body to use. Millions of people around the world have found Eniva Health products give them the results they just couldn't find with other types of traditional supplements. Based both on scientific principles of nutrition and ingredients derived from nature, Eniva Health products are manufactured to strict standards of safety, quality and purity. Twin brothers Benjamin Baechler, MD, and Andrew Baechler, both pioneers in the field of innovative nutritional products, have dedicated their careers to helping people find wellness and wellbeing through Eniva Health products. Having formulated many of the original products for close family and friends, they continue to stay true to their original vision of bringing wellness to the world. Eniva Health is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota where the company has manufactured and distributed nutritional and body care products since 1998.


  • Your body needs amino acids for muscle function, growth, and energy production, particularly during a workout Whey Isolate has a very high biological value (BV), with its amino acid ratio allowing the protein to be easily absorbed and used by the body
  • Whey Isolate requires very little digestion, giving you "fast" nutrition. Contains biologically active protein components that offer antioxidant support, and also impacts immune system and assist muscle recovery.
  • Whey protein gives you nutrition for rapid pre-workout nourishment and continued post-workout recovery.
  • Collagen and amino acids found in whey protein are used by your skin.Manufactured with state of the art filtration techniques that remove most of the lactose and fat - a good choice when you're seeking to rapidly deliver protein to your body
  • At 99.9% lactose free, it's an ideal option if you have a lactose sensitivity
  • Each serving of Eniva 100% Natural Power Whey Protein provides 25 gm of whey protein
  • Contains an extensive Amino Acid Profile, with 11.3 grams EAAs, 5.5 grams BCAAs, 4 grams glutamine per serving
  • No corn or gluten
  • Non GMO
  • The formula is not "altered" with a single amino acid to artificially increase the protein content.Uses highly advanced purification and isolation techniques, as well as molecular weight profiling and selection.
  • Instantized for easy mixing and absorption.
  • Has a delicious vanilla flavor, from organic vanilla bean Non GMO
  • No Soy ingredient
  • Zero Artificial Ingredients. No Sucralose. No Acesulfame-K. No Saccharin. No Xylitol. No ErythritolNo artificial color, flavors or preservatives
  • Only 95 calories per servingOnly 1 gram sugar and no fatIdeal for keto diets
  • No added fillers, binders or bulking ingredients
  • Eniva Health products are manufactured according to strict cGMP guidelines to ensure quality, safety and efficacy. Stringent testing of ingredients and finished materials validate the authenticity and reliability of all products.
  • Eniva Health protein products are cold blended, and highly refined, resulting in a very pure, nutrient-rich source of nutrition.
  • All Eniva products are formulated in the USA.

Please see the Usage & Ingredients tab for how to use and ingredient information.

Disclaimer: Always check with your primary health care provider before using nutritional supplements.

Vendor Warranty Terms: 45 days money back, with return of product

Product Disclaimer

How To Use

Mix 3 scoops with 4 to 8 ounces of liquid. Whey protein shake consumed before or after exercise for muscle growth and recovery for both men and women. A protein shake is also excellent first thing in the morning for metabolism.

Average Days of Supply: 40 days


Whey protein isolates, natural flavor (vanilla), stevia, sunflower lecithin.

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